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A client-focused, people-centric financial advisory firm

Since we opened our doors in 2005, we have grown to become the leading homegrown financial advisory firm in Singapore.

At finexis, we are not funded or backed by any particular insurance provider, private equity or listed company. We are under no pressure by any international insurer's shareholders or board of directors to enhance shareholder profits or stock prices at the expense of our clients.

We are therefore free to hold to the highest standard of care and act in the best interests of our clients at all times, and to relentlessly focus on constantly growing our people, to ensure that our consultants on our platform provide clients with unbiased advice that truly impact your wealth and beyond.

What Our Clients Say About Us

At finexis, nothing fulfils us more than helping you live your dreams. When you succeed, we succeed. Yet, what we say does not matter as much as what our clients say about us. Here’s where you can find out their experiences with us.

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What Our Partners Say About Us

Our corporate partners make it possible for us to provide one-stop access to the extensive range and depth of solutions needed for a truly customised plan that best fits each client’s unique financial situation.

Here’s what our partners say about their working relationship with us:

Our Staff

Our people are not only our company’s greatest assets; our people are the company.

Reflecting our strong belief that our company is only as strong as its people, we constantly strive to create a first class environment that fosters personal growth, where every person takes personal ownership of their work to create meaning, raise results, contribute to the vision, and grow from within to thrive.

There are no ladders of hierarchy, only fluid, small teams that act fast and move fast. This is also done to support our position as market leaders and disruptive innovators who are always challenging the status quo. Join us in creating the next wave of major change in the financial services industry.

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Our Consultants

At finexis, we believe the right way to grow your career is to first grow your impact.

Therefore, we are highly selective of the consultants we groom. Individuals whose sole desire is profits and accolades are rejected. Only individuals with genuine heart, passion and desire to make an impact in others’ lives pass our selection criteria.

They are then put through our proven training and coaching program to turn them from beginner to big impact-makers, backed by a team of full-time staff who run the nuts-and-bolts while they focus on growing themselves first then their clients.

As a result, hundreds of aspiring change-makers have joined, grown and thrived as finexis consultants impacting thousands of lives. The question is – are you next?

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Our Leaders

If our company is like the navy, our leaders are captains of our ships – steering us through the waves of change we’re creating in our industry.

Every leader, from the back-office to the front-facing team leads, were trained from the ground up, and unlike corporate executives who serve lucrative three-year contracts before jumping companies, our management team has grown and stayed together for more than a decade. This demonstrates their long-term commitment to the finexis cause and reflects our core values – not to profit and climb, but to grow and build.