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The finexis Difference

Many say, "A little difference goes a long way". What if it’s a big difference? We don’t want to leave anything to chance, and you shouldn’t too. That’s why we offer so much more than just a few differentiated offerings. The table below provides a picture of how much impact we can create for you compared to the other providers in the industry.

Considerations finexis Consultant Insurance
Insurer Backed
Financial Advisor
Real Comprehensive Wealth Management
Diverse Range of Insurance Products
Products from at least 17 renowned local & international insurers ensures that you truly get the best-in-class solutions.
Diverse Range of Unit Trusts Universe
Choice of at least 40 Fund Houses with more than 500 unique funds to truly optimise your portfolio.
Independent Investment Platforms
Zero product-tied commissions allow unbiased independent advisory.
Honest, Transparent Disclosure
Choice of Alternative Products/Company
Alternatives are provided as unbiased options to allow discerned decisions.
Disadvantages of Recommendations
Both pros and cons are shared so you have a more holistic view.
May Not May Not May Not
Unbiased Offering & Advice
NO Additional Commission for products
Some consultants receive attractive annual bonuses on selected products sold.
NO Additional Annual Production Bonus
Some consultants receive attractive annual bonuses on selected products sold.
NO High Targets / Monthly Sales Quota
So that you know your advisor is focused on you, not his targets.
Comprehensive Investment Advisory
Transparent Allocation Strategy
Your advisor may still be selling you based on fund returns, not allocation strategy.
Private Wealth Services
Access to Global Range of Products
Access to Singapore, Hong Kong and Bermuda range of products through strategic partnerships catered to the High Net Worth.
Holistic Wealth Management Solutions
Through strategic partnerships, finexis provides advice on managed accounts through private banks.
Selected Banks
Strong Expertise in HNWI's needs
Leverage on trust & tax platform to provide comprehensive solutions for High Net Worth Individuals.
Selected Banks
Dedicated, Full-Time Specialist department
Fully staffed department with practical field experience.
Selected Banks

*Please clarify with your agent/advisor/banker if they offer the respective areas of consideration.

Download Your Guide to "Finding a High-Quality Financial Consultant You Can Trust"

“My financial consultant left the firm and I don’t know who to look for.”

“The only time I see my consultant is when he wants to sell me more policies.”

Due to the lack of information, many people fall under the influence of sales people & incentives that may not be beneficial to them.

Selecting the right financial consultant is an important decision to make. Your financial consultant’s advice not only impacts how you live today, it also impacts you 10, 20 years later...or for life!

Through this short and simple guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Take control of your search and selection for the right consultant
  • Steer clear of commonly made mistakes
  • Identify and avoid low-quality consultants
  • Select a high-quality consultant

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Exclusively Yours - One of a Kind

Off-the-shelf products are just that - standard, one size fits all. You pay for features you don’t need. At finexis, we collaborate with our global partners to create products based on what we researched you need. From essential general and life insurance products to customised investment portfolios, we ensure you get the best value from these exclusive co-branded solutions. The following are some of our past exclusive partnerships with our partners.

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The finexis Approach

Our approach revolves around you, your aspirations and your life goals. It begins with a mutual, honest conversation about what you want to achieve and your expectations of your ideal consultant, while we assess if we can help you get to where you ideally want to be in different stages of your life, starting from today.


Our wealth management process begins with you imagining your life ahead. No dream is too big or small, and our role is to make the possibilities limitless so you can dream big.


No two individuals have the same goals, aspirations and dreams. At finexis, we insist on having honest conversations with you. Unlike others, to us, there is no such thing as a one size fits all product. What we do is to customise the best solutions that meet your life goals today, tomorrow and 20 years later.


Wealth management does not end when we implement the solutions. Helping you to stay on track through regular interactions and reviews are an integral part of what we do. As you progress through different life stages, your priorities will change. We promise to partner you every step of the way in optimising your portfolio and achieving your aspirations.